About us

HKH Lighting has a rich history where words like craftsmanship, customer sentiment and personal approach always have been a common thread. But also in today's digital age, these values provide satisfied and happy surprised customers.

In the past 30 years we did not only create light,  we also built a strong reputation. HKH Lighting stands for quality, durability, reliability and flexibility. From the beginning we have attached great importance to these core values, and we still do. We are proud of the company in which we put much effort for years with heart and soul and we will remain staying true to ourselves, now and in the future.

Since 2012 HKH Lighting is located at Doesburgstraat 9 in Oldenzaal (The Netherlands). In the spacious production hall, we have all the possibilities and freedom to produce and design. You are always welcome to come and take a look!

HKH Lighting Team
Designers of light