Our product catalogue can be downloaded here.

Advantages of HKH products:

  1. Excellent safety standard thanks to double isolated design.
    The CE mark certifies the paticularly high safety level of the HKH lighting systems.
  2. Increased service life due to the use of long-life materials.
    The HKH lights are made of aluminium and so far exceed the service life of plastic products.
  3. Excellent weather resistance thanks to protective paint.
    The HKH lights are even suitable for use outdoors.
  4. Can be used anywhere in Europe thanks to the use of Euro plugs and counterplugs.
    All HKH lighting products feature this equipment as standard. For the UK we have special UK plugs.
  5. Possibility of universal use thanks to standard sockets.
    HKH lights have a standard lamp holder (E27) and are suitable for bulbs to 60 Watt and light emitting diode (LED).
  6. Easy to transport and use thanks to compact design.
    There are no loose individual parts, so HKH lights are easy to use and to transport.
  7. And if the light does happen to get a scratch:
    The colours are standard RAL colours.